• Products

    Please check the list of metal products we trade and offer for sale,
    from Baltic region, Scandinavia and other countries.

    • Copper containing

      Brass and bronze alloy ingots / chemical composition, different grades: LS59, LSD, LK-2, LOS, Bra10Mc2L, Bro3C13S4 and others, weight per ingot 7,5-8Kg.

      Birch Cliff / Miscellaneous, unalloyed copper wire and scrap having a nominal 96% copper content (minimum 94%) as determined by electrolytic assay.

      Brass Honey / Mixed yellow brass solids, including brass castings, rolled brass, rod brass, tubing and miscellaneous yellow brasses, including plated brass.

      Copper Ingots, 96-99% Cu.

      Candy / Unalloyed, uncoated copper clippings, punchings, bus bars, commutator segments, and wire not less than 1/16 of an inch thick.

      Pales / Admiralty brass condenser tubes, consist of clean sound Admiralty condenser tubing which may be plated or unplated, free of nickel alloy, aluminum alloy, and corroded material.

    • Nickel & Stainless

      Sabot / 18-8 type stainless steel clips and solids containing a minimum 7%nickel, 16%chrome, and have a maximum of .50% molybdenum, .50% copper, .045%phosphorous, and .03%sulfur, and otherwise free of harmful contaminants.

      Stainless steel ingots

      Nickel ingots 99%

    • Aluminum

      Secondary aluminum alloys ingots / chemical composition, grades: LM21, LM24, AK5M2, AB87, ADC12, DIN226, weight per ingot 7-8kg.

      Litho or Tablet / Aluminum lithographic sheets, consist of 1000 and/or 3000 series alloys, to be free of paper, plastic.

      Talon / New and unalloyed aluminum wire or cable free from hair wire, ACSR, wire screen, iron, insulation and other non-metallic items.

      Talk / Aluminum and copper radiators, and/or aluminum fins on copper tubing, free of brass tubing, iron and other foreign contamination.

      Taste / Old pure unalloyed aluminum wire and cable containing not over 1% free oxide or dirt.

      Tense / Mixed aluminum castings which may contain auto and airplane castings but no ingots, and to be free of iron, brass, dirt and other non-metallic items.

    • Lead

      Lead ingots / Remelted from cable scrap or from battery scrap.

    • Zinc

      Zinc Ingots